The government of Chełm

Herb Gminy Chełm

Mayor: Wiesław Kociuba
22 – 100 Chełm, Pokrówka Gminna Street 18
tel: (082) 563 79 78
fax: (082) 563 77 93

The district of Chełm surrounds the town in a wide ring. The size of the district area is 222 km2. Many towns from the current district (Stołpie, Podgórze, Depułtycze, Uher, Nowosiółki, Srebrzyszcze) posses a rich history reaching the 13th century or even the earlier times. The district uses its suburban location in a perfect way. Many food-processing, building, trade and transport companies work here. Farming- being still the main source of living, concentrates mainly on the corn, oilseed rape, beet and potato production. The farm tourism may be the biggest chance for the district using perfect natural conditions of the land which is also included in the Chełm Landscape Park. Water bodies constitute a great attraction of the area and can be found in villages as Stańków and Żółtańce. They are regarded as real sanctuaries for protected plant and animal species. The greatest sights of the region, however, constitute carbonate peat which are of a great value for the wetland birds’ protection in Europe as well as pond turtle’s habitats unique in the European scale. The manorial parks are elements of the cultural landscape which frequently occur in the region. Three of them have been given the status of monument: the manorial park in Staw from the late 19th century, the manorial park in Nowosiółki from the 16th century, and the manorial park in Srebrzyszcz from the second half of the 17th century.