The government of Dubienka

Herb Gminy Dubienka

Mayor: Krystyna Deniusz-Rosiak
The district mayor’s address: 22-145 Dubienka, 3 Maja Street 6
tel: (082) 566 80 02
fax: (082) 566 80 02

The Dubienka district is situated in the Southern and Western part of the Chełm county, specifically in the valley of the Bug river. The area of Dorohusk occupies 95 km2, of which almost two thirds are arable lands. Agriculture is the main source of income for its inhabitants. Production is particularly geared to cereal, potatoes and sugar beets. Many households have apiaries. The interest in healthy food production has also increased. Layers of peat and sand can be found in the area of district. Their mines are located in Rogatka. The district has many natural, sightseeing and recreation values. Lush and rich forests, which grow far away from big industrial areas, are regarded as a beautiful attraction for tourists. The Starosiele village which is located next to the old channel of the Bug river, as well as villages: Dubienka, Skryhiczyn i Uchańka are places of a great tourist worth. In Starolesie, tourists can enjoy their time in a new leisure center and camping site and they can use facilities as a culinary place and a rental company with the tourist equipment. Enthusiasts of hiking and bicycle tourism can find good paths and tourist trails here. There is a fragment of the Strzelce Landscape Park with the “Siedliszcze” sanctuary. The Bug valley with many old river beds stretches in the neighbourhood of forest complexes. Few farms have been recently built.