The government of Kamień

Herb Gminy Kamień

Mayor: Dariusz Stocki
The district mayor’s address: 22-113 Kamień
tel: (082) 567 15 51
fax: (082) 567 15 71

Kamień is a suburb district located in the East from the town Chełm. It stretches along the important communications trail: Warszawa – Lublin – Chełm – Hrubieszów – Zamość – Hrebenne – Lwów. The railway line Chełm – Dorohusk – Kowel runs along the Northern border of the district.

Area: 9696 hectares

Population:4108 people (from 31st December 2003)

The Chełm Protected Landscape Area constitutes more than a half of the district land. The Wolawce sanctuary, the Wolawce and Andrzejów forest complexes, the Krzywólki and Udalu river valleys- it is only a small part of all natural landscape attractions of the district. There are also plans to build a reservoir in Natalin.

Sleeping accommodations:

  1. The leisure and sports centre Pod Wiatrakiem- belongs to Mr. Czesław Łydziński in Natalin- seven 3-person rooms,
  2. Witold Stafiński’s household- four double rooms.

Both lodgings are situated next to the Chełm – Hrubieszów route. They guarantee a high quality of the service. Moreover, not only accommodation but also other attractions are prepared by the owners- from bicycle trips along forest paths to horse riding. There is a small stud farm in Kamień run by Bożena and Witold Czerwonkowie. One can practice riding skills under the tutor’s care, go on an individual ride along field and forest paths or even organize a sleigh ride for a bigger number of people.