The government of Wierzbica

Herb Gminy Wierzbica

Mayor: Zdzisława Deniszczuk
The district mayor’s address: 22-150 Wierzbica, Street Włodawska 1
tel: (082) 569 32 66
fax: (082) 569 32 22

The Wierzbica district is located in the Northern and Western part of the county. It covers the area of 146 km2. Agriculture is the base of the inhabitants’ living. Farmlands constitute 80% of the district area. The business activity is mainly led in the field of trade, gastronomy and architecture. “Pomix”- the producer dealing with parts for cars and farm machines is the biggest enterprise in the area.

The plant and animal reserve called “Bagno Bubnów”, located in the area of the Wierzbica district and the Włodawski province (Urszulin and Hańsk districts), was incorporated to the Poleski National Park in 1994. It is a complex of low carbonate peat written on the list of great bird sanctuaries in Poland of the international importance. There are 87 bird species. The majority of them are connected with water and marsh habitats.

More important monuments are:

  • the palace and park complex in Chylin,
  • the parish church in Olchowiec.