The goverment of Białopole

Herb Gminy Białopole

Mayor: Henryk Maruszewski
The district mayor’s address: 22-135 Białopole, Chełmska Street 1
tel: (082) 568 22 04
fax: (082) 568 22 86

The district of Białopole is located in the Chełm county and covers the area of 104 km2.
The district is composed of 13 villages and it has about 3500 inhabitants. The Lublin-Zosin national road runs through the district. The distance from Chełm is 25 km, and from Lublin 100 km. Białopole is a typical agricultural district where about 1000 farms grow sugar beet, wheat and breed cattle. Nine companies run businesses here. Four of them are of the cooperative profile. The biggest companies are: the Strzelce Forest District Office, the Buśko Brickyard, the Farming Service Association and the District Association. Moreover, there are a lot of newly established companies dealing with the trade and service in the private sector. Many buildings are worth developing suitable for manufacturing activities of various trades and storing-trading activities. There are also many attractive places for the tourism and leisure centres. Farmers would gladly cooperate in terms of supply of agricultural produce of various type and range. The district government sees a huge opportunity in developing the farm tourism and the tourism-leisure base. Furthermore, the biggest dream is to create a small or of the medium size manufacturing base in the farm and food industry.

Education is based on the Complex of Schools and one primary school in Białopole. The cultural life is based on activities of the Community Centre as well as the local library with two branches and the Country Community House. The vivid activity is led by two folk bands of the musical and singing profile. They can be proud of many awards of the national prestige. A great opportunity in developing the farm tourism and a need to improve living conditions of inhabitants inclined the government to improve the infrastructure of the Białopole’s land.
A surface of roads was paved in every village; about 85% of villages got their own water supply system; a modern sewage treatment plant was built together with a sanitary system.
A lot of new phones were installed getting 600 new subscribers (there are 800 telephone subscribers altogether). In the future, it is planned to use the already existing water basins as leisure centres and build a new gym in Białopole. A lot of architectural monuments and the beauty of nature and wildlife are in favour of developing tourism in Białopole, for instance: the Zamoyski palace, two court units, the former Orthodox church, an old forge and the baroque church in Buśno. Natural attractions are: the bird sanctuary with the lesser spotted eagle’s habitat, the landscape park and the protected landscape area with unique examples of fauna. In the near future, the district government wants to direct its efforts on a general improvement of roads.