The town: Rejowiec Fabryczny

Herb Miasta Rejowiec Fabryczny

The mayor of the town: Stanisław Bodys
Address: 22-170 Rejowiec Fabryczny, Lubelska Street 16
Tel: (0-82) 566-32-77
fax: (0-82) 566-47-28


The town Rejowiec Fabryczny is regarded as the youngest town in the Chełm county. It received the town charter in 1962. Mikołaj Rej was the founder of the town. He was well-known as the father of Polish literature, and he possessed two home farms in the area of today’s town. Mikołaj Rej got the Stajne- Złote goods located near today’s Złota Street, as well as the royal lease- the Stajne home farm located in the vicinity of today’s estate of the same name in a dowry after getting married with Zofia Kościanówna. In the same place, there is a home farm from 13<th century, whose owner is Ignacy Wojakowski. All goods are bought in 1876 by Krzysztof Morawski. He took care of the brick, existing till today’s day manor house surrounded by a park. Nowadays, the Community Centre “Dworek” has its seat in the monumental house. In 1878, some parts of the landed goods are bought by the Stock Society of the Portland – Cement „Firlej” Factory. The historical events as the construction of the railway line and “Firlej” cement works, and the construction of the “Pokój” cement works after the Second World War have a great impact on creating the town character of Rejowiec Fabryczny. The town is located in the Western part of the Chełm county, in the region called Pagór Chełmski. Rejowiec Fabryczny has a very good localization next to the Warszawa – Lublin – Dorohusk railway route. There is a rail junction equipped with a siding, loading rams and a storage yard. This potential is used by industries and trade, and becomes more and more important in relations with Ukraine. The town has a well developed council infrastructure and supplied areas under the housing construction as well as industrial architecture. The town is a part of so called “Strip” – the functional area of Rejowiec – Chełm – Dorohusk. It makes it possible to locate factors here serving a good support for tourism and transit as well as good conditions for industrial development. Tax credits are provided for investors who create additional jobs. The cement works „Rejowiec” S.A. is the biggest industry which produces cement of high parameters in order to build bridges and highways. Another big industrial businesses are: the Production and Commercial Enterprise „CEM – BET”, the Renovation and Mounting Company „REMUR”, the Commercial Enterprise „REYBUD” and „PETRO – CAR USA”.

The oldest cultural monuments:

  • The manor and park landscaping – it involves the minor house (around the years 1890 – 1900), the former minor house of the Kiwerscy family, the park (19th century), and the “Dębinka” greenery.

The oldest architectural buildings:

  • The remains of the railway station, Kolejowa Street, the pressure tower, the wall, the 20s of the 20th century, three wooden and brick-wooden houses from 1930, Dworcowa Street, the owner: Jan Kaliszak, the wooden wall from the 19th century, the cement works “Firlej” S.A., Fabryczna Street, the wall, from 1924- 1926, the school, the Community Centre, the office workers’ house, the master craftsmen’s house, the workers’ house, the well.